Case-Taking Methodologies in Homeopathy

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2022

One question about different methodologies in Homeopathic medicine has caught my attention. It is a common challenge when learning about homeopathy to know which method to use and which method works. There is a fairly simple answer.

       If we are doing classical homeopathy, then Hahnemann has spelled out pretty clearly how homeopathy should be practiced. The Organon is the most direct source for this information.  Yet within modern classical homeopathy different teachers and approaches have proposed different methods for achieving success with prescribing.

        The most important point is the homeopath being able to "see the case".  Without this skill, no method will be helpful. What does "seeing the case" really mean? It means that the trained homeopath is observing everything that the client is saying and sometimes very literally, without prejudice. It is imperative to let the words the client is saying speak to their expression of their vital force. They do not choose those words randomly. 

       Words are expressions of the vital force. If the client uses a word one time ...record it. If they use it a second attention. If they use it a third usually is a strong expression of the vital force energy and will often lead to the energy of the remedy. 

       Every movement must be noticed. All gestures, twitches, involuntary movements will also speak to the energy of the case and provide symptoms that can be repertized and used to lead to a good collection of remedies. Remember to always go with those symptoms that are observed and undeniable. This is probably the most important rule to observe. It will prevent you from transcendental speculation and following a story in your mind.

       When we deviate from this type of homeopathy by not recognizing the person's expression, then it is tempting to turn to a different way of interpreting the case. Often this is an allopathic interpretation that other forms of modern homeopathy may address. I have not found them to be nearly as effective as good classical homeopathy.

       The reason for this is that there is one expression of the vital force and it is expressed through the whole person. We cannot separate the person's mind from their emotions or their bodily sensations. So to think we can inspire the vital force with a limited view of the whole is a bit short-sighted. It is a beautiful thing to witness the energy of the dis-ease expressed throughout the whole individual on all levels. When you see this you are seeing what is asking to be healed. Any other methods for finding remedies become almost irrelevant. If you know materia medica well or can understand the energy of the remedies it will make your job as the homeopath so much more enjoyable.

        Using classical homeopathy I have seen about an 85% success rate with my prescribing. This in my opinion is a pretty good average. Sometimes it may take one or two remedies to get the most perfect one but this can be done in a relatively short time. When I clearly understand how they have responded to the remedy I can usually determine within one to two months whether the remedy will take them very far towards their healing.  Learn more!


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