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A topic of the day now is opioid addiction. It is epidemic in America at this time because of the acquired dependency on commonly prescribe pain-killers. But addiction is not just limited to drugs. We can become addicted to anything. The most common addictions are drugs, alcohol, food and sex.

Addiction is the disruptive behavior or activity associated with a habitual inclination.

We can have many types of addiction, some of which are positive. We can be addicted to exercise or even homeopathy for instance. (I know I am). These usually do not cause a disruption in normal activity even though they can be habitual. It is the seeming lack of control and choice that leads to addiction. Homeopathy can help some addictions. But some addictions are much more difficult to address with homeopathy.

I will explain a few of the addictions that you may come up with in your practice. Drug addiction is the leading addiction and is the most difficult to treat homeopathically. This is because the drug has a profound physical and mental influence on the person. Remember that the homeopathic remedy is an energy that has the ability to inspire the vital force. When a drug has influenced the mind as well as the physiology, it is in control of the person.

The persons ability to choose now is severely compromised and the mind is no longer in control. I have yet to meet an addicted person who says they want to be on the drug. Yet their ability to say no is compromised. The physical, as well as mental effects of the drug make it impossible. The drug is in control.

When this is the case one can administer the best selected homeopathic remedy, including an isopathic remedy, (the remedy from the same drug) but the effect of the drug is far stronger than the vital forces ability to choose or cast off the drug energy.

Different drugs have different effects. The opiates are very difficult to treat. This does not mean that we should not treat the person, but the expectation may be limited as long as the drug is being used. To get a person off the drug requires incredible will power of the addict and a very talented support team to help during this time. Most drug detox centers rely on other drugs to reduce the addiction often making the situation worse. We see this with Methadone and Suboxin for opioid abuse. These drugs can be even more difficult to become free of.

Unless the person can submit to a program that does not use drugs and can muster all their willpower and have a great team for support, it is very difficult to override the drugs effect. But during this time the homeopathic remedy will be more and more effective as the drugs are cleared. Some remedies to help with withdrawal are Avena Sativa, Lachesis, Nux Vomica and Passiflora.

Alcoholism is a disease. Often the person's addiction is very similar to drug addiction as the alcohol effects the judgement and mind of the abuser. When this is the case it is homeopathy can be used to help with the effects of chronic alcohol in the person. Some of the best remedies to help with withdrawal are China officianalis, Quercus glandium spiritus, and Strophanthus.

Food addictions are usually emotional at their core. You must investigate why the persons attachment to food and eating has happened. There is usually an event or early condition in the persons life that has altered their sense of self. The person may then find food as an outlet for the internal discord. It is a delicate process to uncover the emotional roots of food addictions. They can be tied to simple anxieties or underlying delusions.

You must find the reason why eating is the best solution for the person and what the emotional injury is. Often it is a way to exercise control over something that has happened to them in life. The food addiction can seem completely unconnected to the real reason or cause. The book The Gabriel Method, by Jon Gabriel is a good help and guide for overcoming food addiction.

The last most common addiction is to sex. This can come in the form of the habit of watching pornography or actual sexual conduct. Most sexual addictions are learned. It is amazing the number of people who abuse sex because they too have been abused. The earliest abuses often are forgotten because of dissociation during the time of the abuse.

Later some element of their relationship to sex becomes perverted and may show up as an early fascination with sex, addictions to watching pornography, masturbation or overt sexual abuse to others. There is rarely a case of rape that the rapist has not been sexually abused themselves. This is not limited to rape alone. There are many deviations from normal and healthy sex. Gender identity can be confused when there is a conscious identification that a particular gender has been the abuser. Many time homosexuality can be the result. This does not necessarily indicate addiction but issues around sex may become forefront in the persons life.

This is not a complete list of addictions. Homeopathy can help in most cases. Drug and alcohol addictions are a bit harder to treat because you must treat through the substance that it contributing to the addiction. There is always a mental and emotion component to all addictions. These are habituated thoughts and actions that are sometimes hard to break. Once a person admits to addiction the next step is to have great will in breaking free of them.

Because the mind and ego have so many tricks to convince ourselves of something as being true or false it is hard to use the mind alone to free ourselves. Having support is necessary. All addiction is basically a spiritual dis-ease as with every other disease. The programs of 12 Steps is a spiritual based program that is widely available and can provide the frame work of support for a person wanting to heal. These program go by many names AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous), OA (Overeaters Anonymous), SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous), etc.

Doing the 12 Steps is life changing for all who actually take them to heart and do them. Spiritual growth is inevitable. This is necessary for complete healing. Homeopathy can help, but all of the things a person can do that will support them to break free of their habit of addiction should be used.

Below are a few rubrics from the Complete 2015 Repertory useful in helping with different addictions.

  • mind; drug addiction, morphinism (73) : 3Agar., androc., 3Apom., arg-m., ars., astra-e., 3Aur., 4AVEN., bar-s., bell., bos-s., bufo, 3Buth-aust., calc., cann-i., cath-a., cer-i., 3Cham., chin., chrysan., cic., cimic., coca, coff., des-ac., diox., dysp-o., erb., excr-can., falco-p., herin., holm., hyos., ip., kali-ma., 3Kola., lac-dr., lac-f., lac-mat., 3Lach., lant-o., lob., lsd, lute-o., 3Macrin., mand., matth., merc., mur-ac., nat-p., 3Nux-v., onc-t., op., ox-ac., 3Passi., peg-h., phasc-c., phos., 3Pisc., plat., posit., puls., sep., stram., sulph., tab., taosc., thal., thul., thul-o., tub., vip., zinc.
  • mind; alcoholism, dipsomania (174) : 3Absin., acon., 2acor-c., adon., 4AGAR., agav-t., agn., 4ALCO., alum., am-m., aml-n., 3Anac., ange., anis., 3Ant-c., 3Ant-t., 3Apis, 3Apoc., 3Apom., 3Arg., arg-n., 3Arn., 3Ars., ars-s-f., 3Asaf., 3Asar., 3Aur., 2aur-m-n., 2aur-s., 3Aven., bar-c., bar-s., 3Bell., bism., bold., bor., bos-s., bov., 3Bry., bufo, cadm-s., 3Calc., calc-ar., 3Camph., cann-i., 3Caps., carb-ac., carb-an., 3Carb-v., 3Carbn-s., carc., card-m., 4CAUST., cham., 3Chel., chim., 4CHIN., chin-m., 3Cic., 3Cimic., cit-a., coca, 4COCC., coff., con., 3Croc., 4CROT-H., 3Cupr., 3Cupr-ar., dig., 3Dros., dysp., 3Eup-per., excr-can., 3Ferr., fl-ac., 3Gels., glon., 3Graph., 3Hell., hep., herin., hydr., 3Hyos., 4HYOSIN., ichth., 3Ign., 3Ignis, ip., 3Kali-bi., kali-br., kali-c., kali-i., 3Kola., kreos., lac-ac., 3Lac-c., lac-f., 4LACH., 4LAUR., 4LED., lob., lup., 3Lyc., lycpr., 3M-arct., mag-c., 2med., meph., merc., merc-v., mez., mosch., 3Mur-ac., 3Nat-c., 3Nat-m., nat-n., nat-s., 4NUX-M., 4NUX-V., 4OP., passi., 2peg-h., petr., ph-ac., 3Phos., plat., plb., plut-n., posit., pseuts-m., psor., 4PULS., 3Quas., 3Querc., 4QUERC-R., 4RAN-B., raph., 3Rhod., 4RHUS-T., rumx., ruta, sabad., 3Samb., sang., sars., 4SEC., 4SEL., 3Sep., 3Sil., sol, 2sol-n., 3Spig., spong., staph., stram., stront-c., 3Stroph., stry., stry-n., 3Sul-ac., 3Sulph., sumb., 3Syph., tarax., thuj., thul., 2torul., tub., 3Valer., 4VERAT., 4ZINC., zinc-o., zing.
  • mind; alcoholism, dipsomania; withdrawal, to help (30) : agav-t., ange., ars., asar., aven., bufo, calc., calc-ar., carc., caust., 3Chin., cit-a., con., hep., kola., lach., mag-c., merc., nux-v., op., passi., petr., puls., 3Querc., querc-r., staph., stroph., stry-n., sul-ac., sulph.
  • mind; lasciviousness, lustfulness (150) : 3Acon., act-sp., agar., agath-a., 3Agn., 2alli-m., aloe, alum., am-c., 3Ambr., aml-n., anac., androc., 3Ant-c., ant-i., 3Apis, 3Aq-mar., arund., 3Aster., aur., bamb-a., bani-c., 3Bell., bor., 2bos-s., bov., brachy-s-p., 3Bufo, 3Calad., 4CALC., calc-p., calc-s., calc-sil., camph., 3Cann-i., 3Cann-s., 4CANTH., caps., 4CARB-V., cari., carl., 3Caust., cedr., cere-s., 4CHIN., chir-f., clad-r., coc-c., coca, cod., 3Con., cop., croc., cub., cyg-b., 3Dig., ephe., falco-p., 2fic-sp., 3Fl-ac., foll., galeoc-c., geoc-c., 3Graph., haliae-lc., herin., hipp., 2hist., hydrog., 4HYOS., 3Hyper., 4IGN., 2irid., 3Kali-br., kola., lac-cpr., 4LACH., lat-h., latex, 4LIL-T., loxo-r., lsd, 3Lyc., 4LYSS., m-arct., manc., 3Med., 2meny., 3Merc., 2mosch., 3Murx., nat-c., 3Nat-m., neon, nit-ac., nitro-o., 3Nuph., 3Nux-m., 4NUX-V., 3Op., 4ORIG., 4ORIG-V., ozone, perla, petr., ph-ac., 4PHOS., 4PIC-AC., plac., 4PLAT., plb., plut-n., posit., psil-s., psor., 3Puls., raja-s., raph., ratt-n., ros-d., ros-g., 3Sabin., 3Salx-n., sang., saroth., sars., 4SEL., 3Sep., ser-ang., 3Sil., sin-n., spig., 3Squil., 2stann., 4STAPH., stict., 4STRAM., succ., 3Sulph., syph., taosc., 3Tarent., tere-ch., thuj., tub., 3Ust., 4VERAT., verb., yuc., 3Zinc.
  • mind; nymphomania (95) : 3Agar., alum-s., 3Ambr., aml-n., anan., androc., anh., 3Ant-c., 4APIS, ars., asaf., 3Aster., 3Aur., aur-m-n., 3Bar-c., 3Bar-m., 3Bell., 3Calad., calc., 3Calc-p., 3Camph., camph-br., 3Cann-i., 3Cann-s., 3Canth., carb-v., cedr., 3Chin., chlol., chlor., coca, cocc., 3Coff., con., 3Croc., cyna., 3Dig., 4DULC., ephe., 3Ferul., 3Fl-ac., gins., graph., 4GRAT., herin., 4HYOS., ign., iod., 3Kali-br., kali-c., kali-p., lac-cpr., 4LACH., 3Lil-t., 3Lyc., manc., 3Merc., mosch., 4MURX., nat-c., 2nat-m., 3Nux-v., oci., op., 4ORIG., orig-v., ozone, ph-ac., 4PHOS., pic-ac., 4PLAT., plb., posit., psil., 4PULS., 3Raph., rob., 3Sabad., 4SABIN., salx-n., 2sec., sil., stann., 3Staph., 4STRAM., stry., sul-ac., sulph., sumb., 3Tarent., thuj., valer., 4VERAT., 4ZINC., zinc-pic.
    mind; abuse agg., ailments from; sexual (45) : acon., aids, alum., ambr., anac., 2arn., ars., berb., bufo, carc., caust., cer-o., choc., 2corv-c., dendro-p., dysp-s., elaps, 2excr-can., 2falco-p., foll., haliae-lc., 2hoch., ign., 2lac-c., lac-f., lac-h., lant-o., mand., naja, neod-c., oryc-c., osm., plat., pras-o., pseuts-m., ros-b., ruth., sep., staph., stram., terb-n., thul-f., thul-o., xanth., zinc-val.

As with any condition that you are treating with homeopathy you must receive the case and apply good homeopathic prescribing. Remember the remedy is for the person and not the dis-ease. Low potency daily dose prescribing usually works best. Changing potencies over time to support the person will usually be necessary. Addiction is a habit. It takes time to break habits and addictions especially when the person has relatively little will power to overcome them.


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