Homeopathic Prescribing for Acute Conditions

Uncategorized Feb 21, 2023

Acute diseases are those conditions that are usually self-limiting and of brief duration. Hahnemann describes them in Aphorism 72 and 73. The treatment of acute disease can be challenging. Often the condition of the person is changing rapidly and it can be difficult to understand what is happening. Here are a few tips for dealing with acute disease.

There is always a reason for the body to express dis-ease. When dealing with acutes always ask about what has been happening in a person's life, especially in the previous few weeks. Sometimes the root of acute expression is on the mental or emotional realm and the disturbance has finally come to the physical suffering to complete it's resolution. Inquire if there have been any upsets, losses, disappointments, hurts, or anger events that may have preceded the physical suffering. If there is a clear correlation to an emotional event then always try to find a remedy that will help address this as well as the physical symptoms.

If there is no apparent emotional reason for the suffering then pay close attention to what is strange, rare, or peculiar about the symptoms. Those symptoms that are unusual or not common for what one might expect in an acute situation become very valuable indicators to a remedy that may prove to be very helpful.

Modalities are another important aspect to pay close attention to in acute case-taking. They include when symptoms appear or change and those things that aggravate or ameliorate the person (those things that make them feel better or worse). Areas of modalities that should be considered are related to time, temperature, motion, position, appetite and thirst. It is good to consider whether the modality is particular to the person as a whole or to a particular complaint or organ involved.  When case-taking, just using these two themes will lead you to more specific choices in remedies.

Acute case-taking is an exercise in observation. Sometimes when a person is sick it is easy to watch their suffering and assume that anyone would suffer in this same particular way. But after attending to many acute cases it becomes obvious that no two persons suffer the same. I remember a time my own children were sick and suffering the same acute stomach flu. It became very obvious that each needed a different remedy. One child was restless and moaning aloud. The other was quiet and not wanting to be moved. This alone led to different remedies.

When selecting remedies always look for remedies that have an affinity with the organ or physiological system that is mainly affected. This affinity will help a lot. Polychrest remedies come up a lot during acute case-taking and each has it's main sphere of action. Use this information to help guide you in the right direction of the remedy.

When the remedy you have selected includes any exciting cause, modalities, and any strange rare, or peculiar symptom and has it's affinity to the organ or system that is being affected, your chances of remedy selection will be greatly enhanced and most likely even if the remedy is not perfect will have some beneficial effect.

It is important to remember that the vital force is behind the intensity of the acute expression. Let this help determine potency. If the symptom has come on fast and intense, a 30C or 200C potency may be most applicable. In most acute expressions I usually start out with the 30C potency knowing if it has some effect but does not hold and needs to be repeated too often that the 200C potency is available and will most likely help even more. Many health food stores have the most widely used remedies in 30C potency. To be ready for any acute, it is a very good idea to have a remedy kit on-hand. Having a 50-remedy kit in the 30C and 200C potencies will give you many of the remedies that will come up in those more common cases.  If you don't have the remedy it will be difficult to see the results you so desire. Being prepared is your best way to help.


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