Accidents From a Homeopathic Perspective

philosophy prescribing Oct 24, 2022

"It was an accident," she said. How often do we hear words similar to this? In case-taking I hear them more often than you can believe. Yet from where I sit as the Homeopath, I do not believe there are any accidents.

When I hear someone say they had an accident I really pay attention to what was happening to them before and after the accident as well as the details of their story. More often than not there will be a thread of this story that came to a head during the accident and the energy of this accident was with them all along.

We might say that it is a random chance that two individuals would walk around a corner and bump into each other. A random act we usually do not take notice of. When two individuals traveling in cars at high-speed bump into each other we notice this very much because the consequences are much greater. When events like this happen I see them as a wake-up call. It is time to stop and look for patterns in life that lead to the big "event".

It takes two individuals to create the accident described above. Is it merely chance that it happened to be these exact two individuals? If the universe is being created by divine intelligence, then how could there be any chance involved that it would be those two individuals? There are no accidents.

Accidents play a significant role in every person's life. As the homeopath, it is necessary to find the reason behind the event. When you do you will see the clearest expression of the dis-ease. Often times if we do not manifest an accident to get our attention, we will manifest a dis-ease expression. This will then be our wake-up call. The universe will not allow us to go for too very long without a reminder of what it is we are trying to heal.

The homeopath's greatest job is to understand this and inspire healing before a crisis unfolds. In every crisis, it is the body's best effort to bring a resolution to the person's unresolved healing. It finally comes as a surprise if we are not paying attention. It is the homeopath's greatest obligation to pay attention and see the ways that a person is headed for the big wake-up call. It is not our job to inform them as such (I have never subscribed to the idea of doom, gloom, and fear as a motivation for healing) but to prescribe the best remedy to inspire healing when we know what is really asking to be healed.

If the remedy is working, it will bring forth a healing response, and the need for an accident will diminish.  Homeopathy then becomes the best accident prevention program around.


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