A Special Solstice

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

I am releasing this newsletter a day early so all of you may enjoy a unique event that will take place on the solstice this year (December 21,2010). This will be the first time in 372 years that there will be a total eclipse of the moon happening on the winter solstice. This is very special since an eclipse marks significant change. A total eclipse makes it even more intense. Having it happen on the darkest and shortest day of the year makes it even more special yet.

The total lunar eclipse will begin at 1:33 am and last until 5:01 am EST, but the total eclipse portion lasts only 72 minutes, between 2:41 and 3:53 am. During this time the full moon could appear a bright red or blood orange hue.

The total eclipse will be visible throughout all of the Americas. It will be partially visible during the moonrise over Eastern Asia,and Australia and during the moon set in South America, Europe and Western Africa.

So bundle up, go outside and view one of our more rare  natural wonders. Eclipse have had significant meaning throughout time and always foretold change. We are living in a very difficult time in the world right now and change is definitely on the way. This marks the beginning of longer days of the winter and also the beginning of new light for man. It is possible that the darkest of days are upon us now and new light will lead the way to a better future.

Now one may ask what all of this has to do with homeopathy? There are several rubrics in the Complete 2009 Repertory that relate to the full moon and winter solstice. Here are a few to study. It is fairly common that people have a winter aggravation. Some actually aggravate on the solstice. Some people aggravate on the full moon.

  • Generalities; WINTER; Agg.; winter solstice (18) : 3Aur., bry., 3Calc., calc-p., cic., colch., 3Dulc., graph., hep., ign., 3Kali-bi., merc., nat-m., nux-v., 3Rhod., 4RHUS-T., 4SEP., 3Verat.
  • Generalities; MOON; Agg.; full (74) : adam., 3Alum., ant-c., 3Apis, 3Arg-n., arn., 4ARS., bani-c., bar-c., bell., 3Bov., brom., bry., cact., 4CALC., calc-p., canth., carc., catha-e., caust., 3Cina, 3Croc., cupr., 2cycl., cyg-c., dulc., fl-ac., gels., 4GRAPH., 3Hep., hydrog., ign., 2irid., kali-bi., kali-br., kali-n., 3Lach., lap-laz., led., lith-c., luna, 4LYC., mel-alt., 3Merc., 3Nat-c., 3Nat-m., 3Nit-ac., 3Nux-v., ovi-g-p., pall., petr., ph-ac., 4PHOS., psor., 4PULS., 3Rhus-t., 4SABAD., sang., 3Sep., 3Sil., 2sol-m., sol-n., sol-t., sol-t-ae., spong., staph., sul-i., 4SULPH., syph., 3Teucr., thuj., torul., verat., verat-v.
  • Generalities; CONVULSIONS, spasms; Moon; full, at (7) : bell., 4CALC., caust., cupr., kali-br., 3Nat-m., sil.

Study these rubrics and remedies. They will be helpful to know when that person comes into your office complaining about their full moon aggravation. Or the person that always has a problem on the first day of winter. If any of you have any comments or observations of your own, please share them in the comments box below. Thank you.


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