A New Paradigm

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

There is much discussion about the future of Homeopathy these days. The question of how do we integrate into the present model of medicine and gain respect seems to be on many organizations minds. As we further this discussion we need to chart a new course for homeopathy. We need a new paradigm.

The established allopathic model of drugs and surgery to treat illness is not a model that is really conducive to a new paradigm for Homeopathy. We need to reevaluate what the model for health and disease really is and create a new discourse.

Trying to integrate into a model of the treatment of disease and not the maintenance of health is really the problem of homeopathy. We need to establish a new paradigm of describing health. From the deviation of health comes dis-ease. If a new way of looking at the model were to change, homeopathy would become incredibly popular and powerful.

I think this is changing naturally as more and more people become dissatisfied with the medical treatment they receive. All too often, after many years of suppressive treatment, people come to Homeopathy in desperation. This is sometimes too late to turn the course of their dis-ease.  Then Homeopathy gets a bad rap when it did not do the miraculous and save the person. We need to treat these people before they have spent years with western medicine.

We need to establish the new paradigm through education. People need to have a different understanding of what is health and how to maintain it. Especially, now that we are growing toxic food with GMO's and chemical fertilizers, pesticide and herbicides, the source for our health and nutrition is compromised. Between chemicals and radiations our world is very toxic.

The challenges are greater now than ever before. It will take a shift in consciousness to bring a change. As the corporate model for food production (Monsanto) is resisted and not supported by choice, the economics will change. The greed is is one factor that modern man is up against so we must vote with our dollars by choice.

The economics of Homeopathy are really in it's favor. One of the reasons Homeopathy is so big in India is because of it's low cost. Economically, people can not afford the cost of the high technology of modern medicine. As a result what is economical will prevail. People are accustomed to paying a lot of money for insurance or western medicine in developed countries. Some how more is always better. But this is not true for Homeopathy.

The treatment of disease is the allopathic model. It is concerned with making the symptom go away. The root cause is never addressed. If a new understanding of health were established, then the treatment for dis-ease would naturally change. Instead of fighting the disease, a new understanding of supporting health would assist the real healer in all of us. This is where Homeopathy shines most brilliantly. Each individual is their own healer and Homeopathic inspiration of the vital force is the way to heal. Healing is a much different concept in Homeopathy than in western medicine.

We do not need to concern ourselves with integration or fitting into the western model of medicine as much as I see happening presently. Homeopathy is a different model completely. It stands on its own and has been for more than 200 years.

The fundamental, materialistic approach to life expression is the allopathic model. Homeopathy recognizes the spiritual vital force as Hahnemann describes it. This is an original concept but is a part of the new paradigm that needs to be shared. When people think about health and dis-ease in a new way, the natural result will be more freedom of choice and a better understanding of why the Homeopathic choice is better.

In some ways this reflects the consciousness of our society as a whole. It is not that we are not evolved enough to understand this. It is simply that this is not the subject of our discourse. As we grow Homeopathy through education, more people can learn a new way of looking at the model of health.

We need a paradigm shift as the continued direction of Homeopathy is charted. If homeopathy is to really grow we need to help people understand what Homeopathy REALLY is. This is the new paradigm that will cause Homeopathy to flourish.


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